We offer a professional photography service from our private studio located between Bristol and Bath, where you can have anything from high quality portfolio photos through to very kinky fetish and bondage photos ... and more!

If you want bondage you can choose to be tied with ropes, tape, clingfilm or if you have something else you want to be restrained with just ask.

Many other fetishes are also catered for and again ... just ask us!.

If you'd like to be tied up with someone else, and filmed or photographed, you can bring someone with you. Or you can be tied with our stunning in house transgendered model Nina Jay if you'd prefer.

We cater for men or women and of course welcome the transgendered community.

Everyone receives a USB flash drive memory stick of the pictures or films taken and edited for you. And you will also receive 4 x A4 colour printed photos which you get to pick from all the photos taken on your visit.






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